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Welfare changes will take up to £3,500 a year out of the pockets of Bradford’s disabled people

Imran has declared George Osborne’s Budget as ‘Omnishambles Mk 2’ for its failures and the misery it will bring for Bradford’s disabled people who receive Personal Independence Payment support.


In a Budget that has highlighted failures on growth, failures on productivity and failures on debt reduction, the Chancellor, George Osborne has put forward changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

PIP helps in supporting disabled people to live a normal life through providing funding to offset their disabilities, and in January 2016, there were 6,000 estimated claimants in Bradford according to the Department for Work & Pensions. However, the changes to PIP could see disabled people lose up to £3,500 on average a year, forcing many to cut back on their essential spending and limiting their ability to try and live a normal life.

Responding to the announcement, Imran has confirmed that he will fight and vote against the planned changes when they are voted on in a debate forced by the Labour Party, stating that pressure from the public and Labour ultimately forced the Chancellor into a U-turn on his Tax Credits policy in November.

Speaking on the changes to Personal Independence Payments, Imran said:

“From this Budget, it is clear that the Chancellor does not have his eyes on the needs of the British people and the people of Bradford, but rather on his own leadership ambitions, ambitions which are rapidly collapsing around him as Tory MP after Tory MP lines up to attack his cruel changes to PIP.

“Whilst the Budget did include some elements that I welcomed such as the prospect of a Northern Schools Challenge, the truth is that this is nothing more than a sugar coating on what is a very harsh and bitter budget full of failure and attacks on the vulnerable.

“The Chancellor likes to pride himself on competence, but over the past few days we have seen attacks on his Budget by independent organisations such as the Institute for Fiscal Studies and even by his own backbenchers for trying to cover up huge budgetary failures by taking from the disabled, making this budget look like Omnishambles Mk2.

“Just as I did with planned changes to Tax Credits, I will continue to stand up for the less fortunate in Bradford and remind the Chancellor that just as no ordinary person can’t, he can’t pay his bills and balance a budget through dipping into the pockets of others who can’t afford it.”

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