Imran Hussain MP

MP for Bradford East


I am Bradford through and through, it’s where I was born, raised and still live now with my wife and two kids.

I was lucky that as I was ready to leave school, we had a Labour government.

I was the first person in my family to go to university and because of that opportunity I was able to train as a barrister.

I use that training every day as a councillor doing casework and it will stand me in good stead when it comes to developing and scrutinising legislation.

Growing up here, I know how great our communities are and how much local people care about our area, but I also know the challenges and problems too.

Those challenges are why I stood for council. I didn’t want to sit about and complain, I wanted to do something about them.

I was elected 12 years ago and am now Deputy Leader of the Council.

In that role I worked to set up MAGIC, a youth programme that helps those at risk of slipping into crime; protected all of our domestic violence services from cuts; brought state of the art non-invasive post-mortem facilities to the city; protected our community advice services and worked with the police commissioner to put more PCSOs on the street.

I’m a local man who has spent my life trying to change our communities for the better. That's why I’m standing to be your MP for Bradford and nowhere else. I hope you will give me the chance to represent our Party, neighbours and city. 

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